Wednesday, May 06, 2009

vegetarian turned bacon eater

and the funny part is that bacon was only the beginning.  I find that I really like pork products and calorically speaking they're not too bad, many of the different packages I've read aren't too bad.  Bacon and a few other forms of pork the exception though.  A co-worker and I joke about a mutual acquaintance's love for pork but I have to say I'm guilty.  I was shopping tonight and bought some carntias.  They're out-of-this-world good, I was stunned.  Last weekend we had Proscuitto-wrapped cantaloupe and a quiche made with fresh spinach, parmesan cheese and pancetta.  I love a good New England clam chowder or black bean soup made with ham or pork in some fashion.  

This whole bacon thing came out of nowhere.  I forgot how good it is.  I stopped eating pork in 1990 and started again in February of 2004.  Don't think there's any going back.    Mmmmm mmmm good!

and here are a few bacon links for your viewing pleasure:

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