Friday, May 21, 2010

the rear fender dilemma.

It's raining again and I don't mind the rain, I mean it kind of sucks when you are on your bike and don't have a rear fender--but if you are inside and listening the sound of rain can be a comforting and soothing white noise of a sort. But back to the rear fender thing, yeah, nothing beats the gritty dirt, asphalt and dirty rainwater stripe up your ass crack and half way up your back.

I highly recommend investing in a fender for your rear tire on your bike, it may be one of the the best $14 investments you ever make.

This is Ric's new bike. Rather, the bike isn't new but he bought the frame about 10 years ago, and recently picked up the yellow wheels and tires. Notice there isn't a rear fender, but this is because Ric does not plan on riding this in the rain.

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