Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Havin' ourselves another bissextile type of year!

Last leap day (in 2008) I wrote about my observations and a bunch of other semi-connected thoughts related to space and other current event type of things. I noticed that I read a lot more news 4 years ago than I do now and I was a lot more obsessed with space, space accidents, and stupid space decisions. Space is kind of scary, I have to say I've watched a bunch of science fiction movies and shows between now and the last leap year and I've become just a little more nervous about the whole space thing. Having seen every episode of every season of every kind of Star Trek (except DS9 because it is boring and it sucks) there are so many unknowns in space. Phase variances, space-time continuum disparities, black holes, energy vortexes, alien races, faulty ship mechanics, environmental control malfunctions, hull breaches, warp breaches, food shortages, biological reactions, fuel cell depletion, sun flares, meteor storms, nutrino particle wave disturbances, enemy fire, radioactive gaseous nebulas, the list goes on and on. Space is such a wild card, it really is. If I had to pick between being one of those undersea explorers or a space explorer I really have no idea which way I'd go.

If you are looking for a good space science fiction thriller to watch, I highly recommend Pandorum. I am not going to give away any spoilers other to say that it is awesome because Dennis Quaid is in it and it is a great thriller movie. Another good sci-fi movie? Sunshine. Freaking amazing. If it's a particularly rainy weekend here's a third pick: Moon.

Well I was pre-approved for some bullshit credit line over at Fingerhut it seems. I got this lovely gem in the mail today:

We looked through this magazine and it is filled with so much future landfill crap. You wouldn't believe it, it's worse than Skymall! And I know people like my neighbor Le love looking through these catalogues, inevitably buying a few things, entering into the payment plans--yes this camera can be yours by making 54 payments of $16.99 a month! Effing Fingerhut. They are totally on par with phone book scam, it's this strange cycle of aggressive wasteful marketing paired with cheap and overpriced imported plastic junk.

Well happy leap day! Not a whole lot of excitement going on in the news. Davy Jones died today, a bunch of baby births, weddings and proposals occurred, some guy paraglided off of a building or something, a tornado in Tennessee, just a typical kind of late February/early March kind of day.

I saw the Monkees in 1987, I was living in New Jersey and they were playing at Great Adventure Six Flags. I was really annoyed because I thought the Monkees were stupid and would rather spend the time riding the roller-coasters instead of watching my mother embarrass herself yelling at Davy Jones like some sort of loon. I think at one point she lit her lighter and held it above her head. She was really into the Monkees and at the time I totally wanted to implode. I think Peter Tork was the best though because he was some kind of stoner hippie. Mickey was all right because he could play the drums and sing, and that always seemed like a tough thing to do. And Mike Nesmith's mother invented Liquid Paper. It seems Davy died of a heart attack, and he was a fit vegetarian. Go figure!

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