Sunday, February 12, 2012

I completely missed 2011...

I can't believe I didn't get a chance to submit one single blog entry over the course of the 2011. I was pretty busy and I guess whenever I had a spare moment updating the blog wasn't high on the list. Fortunately I take a ton of pictures and it's easier to look back and see what occurred. Having the ability to do this now makes me a little nostalgic for the times earlier in m life when I didn't have access to this awesome feature, but thinking about this I could totally digress--there's enough material there for a separate blog post.
I started working at Cascade AIDS Project, one of the most awesome organizations I have ever known and I am proud to be a part of it!

My friends Liz and Max had a baby, Iris! it's been great knowing someone and getting a chance to see the baby develop and grow. I think they are really great parents and I feel I'm watching a life's potential being maximized at every opportunity.

I got to be on TV, Metro East Community Media. I was a little nervous but it was a really fun experience.

They closed and demolished the Safeway up on the corner. They are in the process of rebuilding a newer, bigger and better one. This is known as their "Lifestyle" store design. I learned that because I'm working on a research paper on Safeway. It should be interesting to say the least and I will post my findings later this term.

We went on a bunch of great hikes. We visited all over Oregon and Washington--Mt. Rainier, Mt. St. Helen's, Mt. Adams, Mt. Hood, Mt. Jefferson, Newberry Volcano, so many adventures they definitely warrant their own blog entries.

I started attending Portland State University. Once I got through all of the bureaucracy of registering being a student is great. It's right up the street from work and a nice campus. I have use of the gym at the Student Rec Center too and its really nice. So far so good, and at the rate I'm going I think I'll finally graduate around 2015.

I ate a lot of donuts and goodies in 2011. I also went to Baltimore and New York in November. 

I think last but not least I started playing a lot of Nyan Cat. Below is a screenshot of Nyan Cat: Lost In Space. I play it on my iphone but it is also available online at Kongregate is a great flash online gaming site. They have thousands of types of games, something for everyone! Shoot-em-up, strategy, role playing games, action games, multi-player, rpg and adventure, puzzles, tons of variety to choose from. A great time killer, for sure. 

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