Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Why do I keep getting phone book deliveries?!?

I don't have a landline, and like the majority of the world I haven't had a landline in about 5 years. I only use a cell phone and I am not sure why but it seems like on a monthly basis I receive a phone book delivery. I have tried to trace the source of the book but so far it's been a huge waste of time with no positive result. How did I get on a distribution list for this?? Is it a "well you live in the neighborhood so you get one" kind of thing or am I on a client list and delivery schedule, and somewhere in Kalamazoo, MI an executive is beaming with pride because he thinks by continually updating my phone book situation he's doing me a huge favor?
Opened the door to let the cat out and was greeted a phone book!
Phone books are not only obsolete and incomplete but they seem like an incredible waste of paper and resources. I can't help but think about the waste all along the life cycle of this product--trees harvested, turned into pulp, turned into special phone book paper, contents organized and updated, graphics created, book is printed, then the books are sorted, stacked, wrapped in additional layers of plastic because it rains a lot in Oregon and most of us will step over it for a week, have the book shipped to the delivery points, hand delivered but driven to the neighborhoods where it will be distributed, recycling and garbage pick up, transport to landfill, everyone paid to participate in this process, the administrative and accounting staff required to support and pay the people who are responsible for making or delivering the book (indirect costs), storage fees, rental fees, workers comp costs, workplace injury issues (because I can't believe this all is running without at least one accident) and on and on.

All this occurs and I just grab this book and walk it right into the recycle bin. I suspect many of my neighbors are doing this too, or at least those who are into the phone books still have to recycle the old one. And plastic bags? I get they are trying to do us a favor but it just seems like a more thoughtful marketing strategy to have customers who want the product. What a colossal, wasteful process and at the end I am one of many annoyed people. And these deliveries are totally stealthy, as if the people delivering them know they are part of a gigantic scam. When I opened my door this morning and saw the plastic pile at the door, I so wanted to see who had just delivered it so I could chuck that effing book at his head.

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