Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I love the math department student lounge

When I'm at school, I like to hang out up on the 3rd floor of Neuberger Hall in the math department student lounge. It's a quiet and tucked away place where I can study before class and get my bearings before I head into Spanish class. I really enjoy the peace and solitude of the math department and even though I'm not taking any math classes, I look upon the formulas on the white and black boards in this lounge with fond remembrance. Math is so much more concrete and definitive then many of the other things in life, it's not as ambiguous as social services or business, the psychology of marketing or diversity of cultures. Math is a common element as current as it is ancient, no matter who you are, what culture or religion you identify with, math is a language that crosses all languages, times and planes. I miss math and after I get this business stuff out of the way I think I'm going to look into adding more math into my life. 

(...and the 20-year old version of me is totally scoffing at this!)

The math department student lounge is a large room that has a skylight in the ceiling, several circular tables around the room and a few large plants. A lot of natural light comes in which is nice; even on the rainy days it's nice to be in natural light. There are doors into classrooms that host the math classes and offices all around the perimeter of the room. At the west end of the room there are vending machines that contain some good items like Odwalla Bars in addition to the junk food.

So, here I sat, preparing to go into my class when I was inspired to take this picture. This is my view. It's a really great space!

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