Sunday, June 24, 2012

Oregon Badlands Wilderness

Oregon certainly is a great place to travel around! I love taking a few weekdays off from work and just cruising around the state, camping or staying in a small-town hotel and just checking out the scene there. There is such diversity throughout the state--a day trip could easily pass through lush forest mountains, high desert, arid, volcanic landscapes, grassy plains and miles of farms, beaches...this state pretty much has it all. You can travel as short or as long as you like, there are plenty of things to do that are within an hour's drive of Portland. Similarly, if you have a few days off you can really check out some neat stuff. Like the John Day Fossil Beds. I've talked about them before and really enjoy visiting the three sites. We must get out to see them a few times a year, and we try to visit during different seasons to really take in the variety of environment and vibe that occurs with the changing position of the sun in relation to the earth's axis.

Recently we went on a hike to the Oregon Badlands Wilderness and I have to say if you get the chance you should go, you will not be disappointed. The hike is relatively level so it's not anything technical or extra tiring. There are some volcanic rocks you can climb too. I think over 100 species of birds out there too! We also saw some really neat blue lizards, I don't think I got any pictures but they were definitely something I haven't seen before.

It is so peaceful and quiet out here. There were a few other people out here but families encumbered with a ton of stuff, they took the short hike out and back. We took the longer hike, but then also got disoriented and took the wrong trail back, resulting in what was supposed to be 3 miles turning into 8. 

But it was beautiful and I I didn't care. It was a little warm and at one point but I was okay, it serene calm of the landscape is really therapeutic.

When we started seeing signs we didn't recognize from on the way out we knew something was wrong. We were on a trail, so at least we knew we would end up somewhere sooner or later. 

This is Flatiron Rock. We climbed on top of this and hung out up here for a while. When we climbed off the rock, we made the mistake of coming down the back of it--that's where we picked up the wrong trail. 

View from the top.

Hot molten-ass shit going down here 40 billion years ago!

Rock Wren, hanging out with us and loving my camera's auto-focus noise. 

Spent juniper. 

More information about the Oregon Badlands Wilderness can be found here:

Also, if you liked these pictures I have a bazillion more up on my Flickr site:

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