Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Of Buck Rogers and roller skating

Buck Rogers is such a funny show. A while ago I revisited this series and really enjoyed it from a new and mature perspective. I guess after the success of Star Trek and Star Wars, the creative sci-fi well had a bit of a dry spell; it seemed that a lot of the costume and set design on Buck Rogers was very disco-era. There are a lot of passive (and blatant) sexual undertones on this show and I can’t say there’s a whole lot of visible diversity in the future, unless you consider the Draconians diverse (and they are basically white humans claiming to be from a different planet). 

Ha. I sooo want this shirt. 
In the first super long episode, the Draconian diplomats are visiting the humans in a formal ceremony. Somewhere along the line, the entertainment coordinator felt that they party needed a fancy disco-skating centerpiece. Shit’s getting crazy! 

The theme song is incredibly awesome and you can’t tell me that after listening to it you can’t help but sing it all day.

I used to love Buck Rogers when I was a wee lad. I think I was the tender age of 6 when Buck Rogers aired, and still high off of seeing “Star Wars” on the big screen I started to gobble up every science fiction show I could. I used to think Buck Rogers was so incredibly high-tech and futuristic. I took that show really seriously when I was a kid and somehow was just oblivious to the objectification of women. 

...Slave girls you say?
I found a great article over at Topless Robot titled 11 Things We Can Expect In The Future According To Buck Rogers in the 25th Century. They pretty much nailed it with regard to the ridiculous recurring themes and other funny occurrences throughout the series. 

Roller-skating is a really fun and funny past time. We have a place over here called Oaks Park that we go to frequently. My brother and his girl have been going regularly and are learning how to competitively couple skate. 

I go and just try to not fall. I am a pretty good skater however I get into trouble when I start to show off or attempt tricks.

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