Monday, April 22, 2013

this bike has a lot of stuff on it

I noticed this bike parked in the bike room of the building I work at. I think I first noticed the cheek seat and the oversized mirror, but then became very interested in the gigantic assortment of bells, lights, baskets, gadgets and accessories all over the bike. This dude has so much stuff on his bike that there isn't any way he could possibly park it in the bike racks (seen in the background). He has to park it off to the side and lock the wheel to the frame of the bike. 

I have a lot of stuff on my bike but think for the most part it is pretty contained and not over the top like this bike. My bike fits in the bike rack. I have a basket in the front and a basket in the back, a bell and some lights. No special seating, no mirrors, no extra bells. The guy who owns this bike is pretty awesome. He looks exactly how you think he'd look.

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