Friday, May 24, 2013

headed up to the farm for the weekend

I'll be farm sitting for the next few days.... this will consist of alternating between animal welfare checks and working on two term papers and a presentation. This is an especially high productivity time of year for me and when I think about the amount of things due next week I start to get dizzy. 

I really like visiting the farm; it's peaceful and I always experience a high degree of relaxation when I'm there. For the most part anyway...there's an unpleasant and easily annoyed llama under my charge this weekend but I think we can work out a compromise. Something that makes me feel like I have the upper hand is to enter the barn with a shield to fend off any puke/spit.

Ha ha...just out of spit range! Go ahead and spit your heart out.
Sometimes I give the llama the finger and that makes me feel better.

Evil llama aside, I'm hoping that being in a relaxed state will provide more inspiration for the assignments I'm planning on working on. I'm tying up a hundred and one loose ends this morning and by this time tomorrow I'll be in rural Oregon bliss.

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