Saturday, May 18, 2013

Washman-Shell on SE 10th and Powell

Here's the footage from my local car wash I couldn't figure out to upload in the last post. The music playing in the background is "Trekka" by Puscifer, off of their V is for Vagina album. It's kind of hard to hear the music over the sounds of the car wash machinery and water jets.

My car gets pretty dirty because it sits unused most of the time. I'm very fortunate that I can walk and bike to most of the places I have to go. One downside from not using my car seems to be that it's an aviary fecal target. Every bird in the neighborhood decides to shit on my car and it gets pretty disgusting. Another downside is that this seems to happen regardless of where I'm parking, whether it's in front of my place or strategically parked down the street, away from trees or telephone wires. We've also had some large trees heavily pollenating the neighborhood so the Washman is great place to clear those layers of crap off (both literally and figuratively).

I like this gas station/car wash marriage. The staff are nice, efficient and thorough. They always tape my rear windshield wiper down before entering into the car wash and tell me to have a nice day. It's in a great location--it's easy to access and leave from. The staff also don't laugh at me when I'm trying to line up my front left tire with the automated car wash track. (You would think with all of the practice I've had that I'd have it down by now). 

Sometimes I like to fake them out and move my tire in the opposite direction of the conveyer track just to see them wildly wave and use hand signals to get me back on track.  

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