Sunday, June 16, 2013

Thursday, June 13, 2013

cat hijinks in the basement

Marcus was especially interested in the dryer tonight. I wasn't sure what the object of his obsession was until I opened the dryer door...

Great, my cats are playing inside the dryer! I have nightmares about this. I'm not sure why the door was ajar or even how she figured out how to get in let alone why she is just casually lounging around in there. 

Of course Marcus (part of the feline investigative team) is now totally interested in what she's doing in here. He's a bully and has a trait of coveting any spot she is hanging out in. Here he's checking out the scene and determining if it's safe enough to get a closer look. 

The safety assessment was a go. Here he is hopping inside the dryer, nosey as hell. 

Now Marcus has completely crowded out Trixie. She is behind him and his colossal cat body is completely blocking her. 

Trixie couldn't take it anymore and booked it out of there. Now Marcus is fucking around inside the dryer. Completely not safe!

I tried to physically remove him from the dryer and he gave me this "wtf?" look. I have no idea how but this cat has the ability to plant his feet firmly and stand his ground. 

Okay, so this is where we left things. Trixie's on top of the dryer and Marcus is inside. Marcus is torn between two things: to hang out in his newly acquired space and to get out and see where Trixie is hanging out next.