Monday, July 15, 2013

Black Bean Corn Summer Salad!

It's been pretty warm here lately. I enjoy the warm weather, however, I have found that using my stove to prepare meals has a crazy way of superheating my apartment. As a result, I've become more creative and exploratory in the past month or so when it comes to mealtimes.

I was hungry shopping at Trader Joe's the other day and bought some fresh corn on a whim. After I got home, I decided I wanted to use it in a salad somehow. I thought about a delicious black bean corn salad featured in the New Seasons deli from time to time and was inspired to try to replicate it.

The result of my interpretation is below. This Black Bean Corn Summer Salad is an quick throw-together recipe that could you could easily add or subtract items to. I was able to get all of these ingredients at Trader Joe's but you could easily get the ingredients anywhere. To make the most delicious salad possible, be sure to use only fresh, high quality ingredients. You are what you eat!

Trader Joe's products are sourced from non-GMO ingredients. 

2 15-oz cans of black beans
3 ears of corn
1 red onion, chopped
a small bunch of cilantro, washed and leaves removed from the stems
1 or 2 avocados (your preference, both work well)
1 12-oz container of pico de gallo
2 or 3 limes
16 oz jar of your favorite salsa
salt and pepper to taste

You will also need:
a can opener
a strainer
2 large bowls
a large spoon
a small spoon
knife and cutting board
probably a bunch of other stuff I'm forgetting about

1. Open and strain the 2 15-oz cans of black beans. Cook corn and then remove kernels from the cooked ears. Combine in a bowl.

2. Add diced onion and cilantro leaves. Dice avocado and add that too. Cut limes and half and squeeze lime juice over avocados.

3. Drain Pico De Gallo and add to bowl. Mix all ingredients thoroughly.

4. Add the jar of your favorite salsa and stir in.

5. Serve and eat! Refrigerate uneaten portion.

Fresh corn is awfully delicious in the summer. If you aren't sure how to cook corn, visit this link.

Mmmm corn!

Black Beans are high in protein and fiber.

De-corned corn.

Beans and corn.

The "Hot" part is wishful thinking.

Pre-avocado step.

The juice from the lime will help prevent the avocado from browning.

Added and ready to mix.

While we used this salsa, I'm sure any would suffice. I'd like to try this recipe again with mango or pineapple salsa. 

Salsa has been added to the salad.

Ta daa! Delicious non-cooked salad for those warm summer days. 

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