Saturday, April 19, 2014

from an alien's perspective

Sometimes we humans are too mired down in our own circumstances to see the awesomeness around us, or be thankful for the problems we do have. Comparatively, there are many people with much more significant issues, tremendous seriously fucked-up issues who have an incredibly sunny outlook on life. I try to be aware of the vicarious trauma I experience while on the job and feel that intense cardio helps me really sort out all of the different emotions I experience.

Humans and emotions are very complex. I started down a rabbit hole trying to find out "how many emotions to humans feel in a day?" but didn't find any real answers. I did find some amusing Yahoo Answers addressing this question--the posters said anywhere from 7 to 29 (with no sources cited or explanation as to why they picked those numbers). There's also this Wikipedia page that covers the range of emotions, but it doesn't address how many emotions one feels in the course of a day.

Last week in class, my professor welcomed us to the planet Earth. I thanked him. That got me to thinking about the aliens who are watching us. We must do things that make no sense whatsoever to them. I try to not get too caught up with what's wrong with the world--not so much the planet but the people on it, and what the people on it have done to it. I feel like I can expend a lot of energy being stressed about what others are doing but the energy is better spent working on how I can improve myself as a representative of the human race (unless of course it's revealed that I'm actually from Mars). I am not perfect but try to be present in each moment, and recognize the power and impact I have on my environment with each choice I make.

I have a work buddy named Tina who is pretty awesome. She has her MBA, and I love to talk about business stuff with her. We are both very passionate about workforce development and often come up with strategies or solutions that are totally effective! If feels good to connect with another human and accomplish a common goal. Tina's also super serious about bowling and drag racing.

Recently Tina started saying,"make good choices today!" whenever one of our clients leaves a training or an appointment. She's half-joking and making fun of another work colleague who seriously says that all the time in a sing-song voice, but also serious because there's a message there. Life is comprised of billions and billions of choices in all sizes. There's huge choices, like should I drink and drive home? or should I decide to go back to school and get my degree? But there's also small choices--usually seemingly unconscious choices, like should I be an uptight passive asshole because my neighbor parks in front of my house? or do I let my dog shit on this guy's lawn and not pick it up? These small choices really come down to consciously knowing what's right and doing what's right. Small choices seem to also involve instances where you'd weigh out an opportunity cost between choices.

I wonder if the aliens have a concept of workforce development? Surely there's some sort of training mechanism in place to ensure other aliens can fly the ships, operate the controls, and continue to study us. Not to be a species elitist or anything--I'm sure the aliens are also observing beings on other planets that are way more interesting (and maybe more civilized) then we are.

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